You don’t need wheat flour to make delicious gluten free breading. What you need is an open mind and a willingness to try new ingredients and recipes. In this post I’m sharing tips to help you find and make all the gluten free breading recipes you want.

After the initial shock that you can’t eat gluten it’s natural to think of all the breaded foods you enjoyed in the past. It’s also natural to think they all have wheat filled breadcrumbs and they’re now off limits. Think again because that is simply not true.

Here’s a little Gluten Free Breading Help to get you excited about making crispy chicken strips, schnitzel, breaded fish, calamari and more. You can make them all gluten free and you’ve got lots of options.

Gluten Free Breading Help

Store Bought vs Homemade

Even if you’re not new to gluten free there are always new products available and the amount of choice we have is overwhelming. Just keep going, one ingredient and one recipe at a time. Find the people sharing the information you want and keep cooking.

Here’s what I learned about store bought gluten free breadcrumbs:

  • At some point you’ll likely buy some breadcrumbs you don’t like. Use them up and keep trying.
  • Some packages of breadcrumbs are things you already have in your pantry. (I once bought breadcrumbs, because of the certified gluten free label, only to discover the ingredients were cornmeal and sugar.)
  • Any breading can be used on anything so try it and pay attention to what you like.

Of course you can make anything you can buy. Resourceful gluten free cooks save leftover ends of bread or single buns in an airtight container in the freezer and make them into crumbs every once in awhile. I sometimes buy hot dog buns to make my Vietnamese Subs, but they’re a little too large for my liking. I simply slice a piece from the middle of each bun and freeze them. I can use those slices to make a crouton for French Onion Soup, crostini for bruschetta or just make breadcrumbs. We all paid good money for those bread products so don’t let them sit too long.

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Help for gluten free breaded recipes; showing Crisp Calamari and Sesame Baked Chicken.

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Panko Breadcrumbs

Panko breadcrumbs are made with crustless bread using a specific process to create a flaky crumb compared to the typical finely crushed breadcrumbs. The flakiness of Panko breadcrumbs results is the absorption of less grease than regular breadcrumbs creating a lighter, crispier coating or a crunchier topping.

You can learn to make panko with gluten free bread but here are three brands you can buy:

Cornflake Breading

This is the Go-To breading recipe in my house that uses store bought gluten free cornflake cereal. I like to make more than I need so I always have some in my pantry. In the specific post, Breaded Pork Chops, I give more tips and tricks of how to get the breading to stick to the meat, what makes it crispy and even some seasoning variations so you can mix it up.

This breading is perfect to make breaded chicken strips, pork chops or pork schnitzel. By adding Parmesan cheese, and some herbs if you like, you can also make the Italian breaded cutlet called Veal (or Eggplant) Parmigiana.

Beyond Breadcrumbs – Cornmeal, Nuts, Coconut and More

Breadcrumbs, actual crumbs from bread, are not the only choice for creating the breaded dishes you miss. In the recipes you see in this post I’ve used cereal, cornmeal, corn flour, nuts and coconut. For seasoning I’ve added lemon zest, sesame seeds, dried and fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese but this is just the beginning.

I’d love to hear about your experience and your creations in the comments below.

The Recipes – Breaded Dishes and Crumb Toppings

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