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About The Kitchen

Your safety is important to me. Here are the rules and daily practises I follow in my kitchen to ensure you have a safe cooking environment. Feel free to email me any questions you have so you feel comfortable coming into my kitchen to cook.

A Safe Cooking Environment

72 Hours Prior to Class

I rarely use wheat flour in my kitchen but if for any reason someone did I ensure there is no open wheat flour for 72 hours prior to an in-person class. This ensures there will be no gluten on any surface or hiding in any corner.

Clean Surfaces

Before each cooking class I wipe down all surfaces with soapy water, including taps and door handles. Then I toss those dishcloths and tea towels in the laundry and do it all over again with clean cloths.

Knives and Knife Block

Before all my classes, I remove my knives from the knife block and wash them in soapy water and set them on a clean towel to use for the class.


I always use clean tea towels and dishcloths for each class.

Cutting Boards

In my kitchen I have separate cutting boards, pasta strainer and kitchen utensils that have never been used with gluten. I also have disposable take-out containers for you to take home the excess food we make.

Utensils, Oven Mitts

I have a generous supply of measuring cups and spoons, baking pans and oven mitts all designated for gluten free only.

Gluten Free Pantry

I have an entire gluten free cupboard where I store all my gluten free flours, gluten free noodles, rice and other naturally gluten free ingredients. The excess flours are stored in an airtight container in my freezer.

Always Open New

For optimal safety I prefer to open new containers for ingredients used during a cooking class (even the virtual classes). I always open new butter, sour cream, yogurt, milk, peanut butter, curry paste and all the ingredients I use to make the cookie dough I sell every month.


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