About The Classes

Join me for some fun and learn to cook the foods you love gluten free. Invite a friend and cook together from one kitchen or sign up with a friend who lives somewhere else!

Class Location – For now all classes are virtual. We may have some in person classes in Calgary, Alberta later in 2022. Stay tuned.

Class Size – We keep the classes small, maximum 10 participants, to allow for lots of questions and to see what’s cooking in each kitchen.

Class Length – Most virtual classes are 90 minutes, Kids classes are 60 minutes. The classes in the yeast bread series vary to allow for rising time and may involve some advance prep plus a break in the class to clean up.

Private Cooking Classes – Available by request and ideal for these groups:

-Families new to gluten free.

-Families at different locations who want to connect and cook gluten free at the same time.

-A fun team building event with colleagues.

-Girls Night Out! Or guys night out too.

Food Safety – Here’s what I do in my own home to avoid cross contact with wheat. I always cook with food safety in mind. Feel free to email me any questions you have so you feel comfortable coming into my kitchen.

Welcome to my kitchen for a virtual cooking class

Welcome to my Kitchen

Cookie Decorators

Safety Measures To Avoid Cross Contact

72 HOURS PRIOR TO CLASS – I rarely bake with wheat flour but I ensure no one uses wheat flour in my kitchen 72 hours prior to a class. This ensures there will be no gluten on any surface or hiding in any corner.

COUNTER TOPS, TAPS AND ALL SURFACES – Before each cooking class I wipe down all surfaces with soapy water, including taps and handles. Then I toss those dishcloths and tea towels in the laundry and do it all over again with clean cloths.

KNIFE BLOCK AND KNIVES – I remove all my knives from the knife block the day of class, wash them in soapy water and set them on a clean towel to use for the class.

DISHCLOTHS AND TEA TOWELS – Once I’ve done a surface clean I put all linens in the laundry and start with clean ones.

CUTTING BOARDS – I have separate cutting boards that have never been used with gluten.

KITCHEN UTENSILS – I have a generous supply of measuring cups and spoons designated for gluten free baking only.

OVEN MITTS – I have oven mitts designated for gluten free only.

GLUTEN FREE PANTRY – I have an entire gluten free pantry where I store my gluten free flours, gluten free noodles, rice and other naturally gluten free ingredients.

ALWAYS OPEN NEW – For optimal safety I prefer to open new containers for ingredients used during a cooking class (even the virtual classes). I always open new butter, sour cream, yogurt, milk, peanut butter, curry paste etc. I also have a supply of disposable containers, ziplock bags etc for in person classes and for the cookie dough I sell in Calgary once a month.