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HEALTHY ME: A Gluten Free Lifestyle Course


Welcome to the HEALTHY ME course.

Are you newly diagnosed with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity? Are you confused, frustrated and just overwhelmed with the amount of new information? Then this is the help you need.

The HEALTHY ME course is designed to take you from overwhelmed to confident in 30 days. It helps you sort through the incredible amount of new information, figure out what is most relevant to you now, and let’s you focus on creating a gluten free lifestyle you love.

What’s Included in the Course

HEALTHY ME is an acronym that stands for 9 areas of life. They’re all related and they overlap but it’s a system to help separate the information into categories. People always say, “the first year is the hardest” so I designed this course to help you get past the overwhelming beginning as quickly as possible.

HEALTHY ME stands for:

  • H is for Healing
  • E is for Eating, 24/7
  • A is for Advocating
  • L is for Lifestyle
  • T is for Travel
  • H is for House Rules
  • Y is for Your Community
  • M is for Medical Team
  • E is for Education

My Experience

There are excellent resources and plenty of support online in Facebook groups and other platforms you visit. Yet people struggle because there is just so much to learn and no roadmap to guide you. Labeling and food manufacturing is changing all the time and that’s only one area. It’s simply an overwhelming amount of information to learn.

With 25 years of experience as a health educator and 10 years teaching gluten free cooking classes and volunteering with the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association I’m confident this course will help you. I often speak to people new to the gluten free diet and hear the same challenges over and over. There is no one way and no right way to change to a gluten free diet. The HEALTHY ME course is designed to be personalized for your unique situation. As you go through the modules you will create your own Action Plan and there are resources to help you do that.

The Course Offer

Click here to see the full offer and pricing options – HEALTHY ME course.

Still Undecided – The Struggle is Real

It’s well documented that 50% of people on a gluten free diet intentionally cheat despite the long-term health consequences. Sadly, not everyone knows or fully appreciates what this means. With the increased incidence of other autoimmune diseases, cancers and many other health risks the sooner you can adapt to a new lifestyle the happier you’ll be in the long run.

A gluten free diet for life is hard at first but many people have done it and I know you can do it too. I’m here to help you create a gluten free lifestyle you love. Sign up today and get started.





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