Need help learning more quickly so you can get on with enjoying a gluten free lifestyle? That’s what I share on my blog and this is the updated EGFG Blog Index 2021.

I have 294 recipes and 75 blog posts on my website. When we started this project five years ago I simply wanted to share recipes and help people with celiac disease enjoy a gluten free lifestyle. My husband wanted to build a website and take pretty pictures.

As a foodie and a health educator I knew I could help people who were struggling with the gluten free diet. After my friend was diagnosed in 2009 I tried to bake gluten free and quickly discovered how difficult it was. Label reading, so many flours and ingredients I’d never heard of plus cross contamination in the kitchen. I learned but it was slow and painful.

Yet I met many people who were happily living the gluten free lifestyle and willing to share what they knew. Sure, they had challenges, but they were navigating day-to-day life quite successfully and volunteering to support the community.

So this website was born and I started by posting recipes but as I learned I wanted to share the information about ingredients that took time to learn, lifestyle ideas plus tips and tricks in the kitchen. Then the gluten free flour series, recipe round ups and Dinner Club menus.

Now you’ll find all this content on the BLOG under eight category headings:

  • Celiac Kids
  • Dinner Club
  • How To Use Gluten Free Flour
  • Ingredients
  • Lifestyle
  • Miscellaneous
  • Recipe Round Ups
  • Tips, Tools & Techniques

A Glance at EGFG Blog Index 2021

The image below is what you’ll see when you click on the TAB Blogs and Podcasts.

A screen shot of the EGFG Blog tab as of January 2021

On the left hand side is a stream of blog posts with the newest ones at the top. In the right sidebar you’ll see:

  • The offer to subscribe and download my free eBook ‘More Everyday Meals’. (Go ahead and sign up if you haven’t done that yet!)
  • A list of the BLOG categories
  • Links to podcast interviews I’ve done

Let me know in the comments below (or below any blog post or recipe) what you found helpful or what you’re still hoping for. Happy browsing!

For the YouTube fans out there my 12-part blog series on gluten free flours is now 12 videos on YouTube as well. If you visit me over there please give me a THUMBS UP, subscribe and follow me if that information is helpful. I also want to hear what kind of content you’re looking for.

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