Hi and thanks for visiting. I’m Cinde, a foodie who loves teaching people how to cook. I think cooking is an essential life skill for your health so you might as well cook what you love and have fun doing it!

In 2009 when my friend was diagnosed with celiac disease I thought I’d just learn to bake her some nice gluten free things. Wow, it didn’t take long for me to discover that the gluten free diet was hard! All those flours I’d never heard of, weird ingredients to find and recipes that consistently disappointed. Being a foodie I persisted but the learning was slow and painful. Five years later I finally figured out a flour blend I liked that worked in many recipes and discovered I could make things that were not just ‘good for gluten free’, they were awesome! That motivated me to think I could offer my knowledge to the gluten free community.

In 2015 my husband built me a website and I started sharing recipes. Over time I figured out I could share tips and tricks in the kitchen for people to learn to love their gluten free lifestyle. It is a difficult transition but many people are happy and healthy living gluten free for a number of reasons. Over here on this website that’s what I continue to do, offer my ideas to keep learning and loving gluten free food. I talk about organizing for success, cooking with a seasonal strategy and provide inspiration to get you in your kitchen and excited about your own culinary adventure.

The Stomachless Food Photographer

I live in Calgary, Canada with my husband Jim who takes all the photos and videos. In 2019 Jim had his stomach removed after being diagnosed with stomach cancer so we now refer to him as the “stomachless food photographer”. Of course you’re wondering what he can eat and the answer is just about everything. He still loves food; cooking, eating and taking pictures of it. Our son Justin, is away at university and puts his culinary skills to good use with his friends. I love it when I hear them talk about food and willingly accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences. Our dog Astrid hasn’t photo-bombed too many pictures but she has had her share of cupcakes. (Note to self – don’t cool anything outside where she can reach it.)

When I’m not in the kitchen I play squash for regular exercise and enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, kayaking, golf, gardening and spending time at our family cabin in Moyie, BC. For the community I volunteer with the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association hosting the Kids Meetup and the Celiac 101 Information Night.

Health Care Experience

I am a registered respiratory therapist and certified respiratory educator. For almost 30 years I’ve been helping people with asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis learn to manage their chronic condition. I enjoy the challenge of helping people improve their lifestyle and their health so I constantly work to improve my skills in this area.

We’ve Gone Virtual

In 2020 the pandemic caused me to cancel all my cooking classes. With the encouragement of some students I started hosting classes online and am still learning how to create a fun experience from a virtual class.

As well as the classes I have developed an online course to help people new to gluten free or still struggling with the lifestyle. The gluten free diet is hard, there’s no doubt about that. Being a foodie and a health educator I brought my skills together to help people transition from overwhelm to living a gluten free lifestyle they love. The course is HEALTHY ME and I’m selling it at a discount as I continue to develop it into a virtual offering with a video component for each module. If you’re interested please contact me. I’d love to help you and get your feedback to improve it. Check out the HEALTHY ME tab from the Home Page and send me an email to learn more.


Heather Piercy

Vice President, Legal and General Counsel – Aux Sable Canada

Cinde provides a 100% reliable and tasty gluten free experience in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere . She shares many useful GF-eating tips as well as culinary skills. I highly recommend her services; if you have the opportunity to attend a class, don’t miss out!

October 22, 2013, Heather was Cinde’s client