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A Lifestyle Course

Are you overwhelmed with new information? Going gluten free is a lot more than just recipes. This lifestyle course, HEALTHY ME, covers 9 areas of life to help you go from overwhelmed to confident in 30 days.

New to a Gluten Free Lifestyle

Here’s some help to get you started. These short lists are meant to help you find the topics you’re looking for quickly.

Learning To Go Gluten Free

Going gluten free is a process. You’ll make mistakes so be kind to yourself and just keep learning.

Celiac Kids and Educators


We’ve got over 320 recipes so click on the RECIPES TAB. For a visual feast you’ve got to do this on a tablet or laptop.

The BLOG and PODCASTS TAB has over 80 posts and you can see them by category on a single page here, the Annual Blog Index.

Help For Gluten Free Bakers and Cooks

Cooks need to use flour too so if this is all new to you join our community and get our best resources sent to your inbox over several days. Here’s a sample of those resources:

If you’re new here join our community and get your FREE resource for baking and cooking, 29 Tips I wish I knew when I started.

Yes, I need 29 Tips For Cooking with Gluten Free Flour.

New to gluten free? Check out our virtual and in-person Cooking Classes or visit NEW TO GLUTEN FREE.

Gluten Free Cooking Classes

Check out our Class Calendar for scheduled classes and details about private classes. We typically host a kids style party cooking class every other month as well as an introductory class called Understanding How To Use Gluten Free Flour.

Blog Index

Looking for something specific? Check out the annual Blog Index and the one-page overview to see more than 80 posts in 8 different categories.

Or click over to the BLOG TAB (on a tablet or laptop) and you’ll find:

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-links to all my podcast interviews

Do you have questions?


Join our community and start cooking the foods you’ve been missing. Get your free resource, 29 Tips For Cooking with Gluten Free Flour to speed up your learning.