A gluten free lifestyle course to take you from overwhelmed to confident in 30 days.

Are you new to the gluten free diet and lifestyle?

I’ve got some help to get you started. There’s an overwhelming amount of information to sort through when you’re new so here’s a short list of blog posts I wrote to help you learn more quickly. Feel free to email me with any specific questions you have about gluten free cooking.

New To The Gluten Free Diet

Celiac Kids and Educators

Help For Gluten Free Bakers

  • How to Use Rice Flour in Gluten Free Baking – This is the first in a 12-post series covering 21 flours/starches for gluten free baking. Each post includes properties, best uses and a YouTube video on the topic.
  • Downloadable Gluten Free Flour Guide – I created this guide to share what I learned about the different gluten free flours and how best to use them.
  • 11 Gluten Free Flour Recipes – I collected these recipes from around the internet to show you there is no one flour blend for all recipes. Gluten free bakers are much happier when they understand some of the reasons for using different blends and become confident making substitutions.
  • EGFG Gluten Free Flour Blend – This is just one flour blend but it’s my favourite and I use it for most of the recipes on my website. From everyday pancakes and muffins to recipes like deep-fried churros and Yorkshire pudding this is my go-to blend.

Still looking for something specific? Here’s a link to my EGFG Blog Index 2022 showing over 80 posts in 8 different categories all on one page.

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Feel free to email me with your questions and I’ll do my best to help you find what you’re looking for.

New to Gluten Free? I teach 3 cooking classes a month and people new to gluten free baking love my VIRTUAL class; Understanding How To Use Gluten Free Flour. View the CLASS CALENDAR to see when the next class is.