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With each recipe I share tips and tricks for cooking as well as information about gluten free ingredients. If you think a gluten free diet is boring you’re in the right place. View RECIPES for inspiration!


Public and private classes are virtual or in-person. Join us to increase your confidence or just have fun! Whether it’s a night together with friends, a kids party or a team building idea the kitchen is the best place to be. Email me any request or view the CLASS CALENDAR.


If you’re overwhelmed I’m here to help you. There is so much to learn when you’re new and it’s hard to know what’s important. On the page NEW TO GLUTEN FREE, we put together some short lists for you to browse and find what you need right now.

Cooking Classes

Are you making gluten free food that everyone wants to eat? You can be! We have public and private classes, both virtual and in-person. If you’re new to gluten free baking sign up for Understanding How To Use Gluten Free Flour to speed up your learning. Visit the CLASS CALENDAR for scheduled classes or ABOUT THE CLASSES to see lots of ideas for both private and public classes.

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Private GF Cooking Classes

For individuals, families or groups – Come for the fun and learn to create a gluten free lifestyle you love!





    Join our community and start cooking the foods you’ve been missing. Get your free resource, 29 Tips For Cooking with Gluten Free Flour to speed up your learning.