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Inspiration from the Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet, that’s me, is about the inspiration that I want to share from my kitchen to yours. Throughout my website I am trying to share my passion with the hope of inspiring you to just get in your kitchen and cook. Try new recipes, things you may have thought were too difficult, ideas that you think are fun. Remember this saying:

Everything is hard before it’s easy.

J. W. Goethe

But if you try you will learn and if you want to improve you can do that too.

Inspiration from the Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet Kitchen
Inspiration from the Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet Kitchen -photo credit Jim Little

Whether it’s entertaining or baking gluten free, cooking with ingredients you have never used before or learning new techniques. Perhaps you want tips and tricks to help put delicious everyday meals on the table with more ease. Maybe you want to eat a little healthier. Have you thought about that? I’m asking you to think about it…just for a moment.

As I approach two years of writing this blog I have learned a lot about blogging…but I have a lot more to learn. I have also learned a lot about what I have to share with you the reader. I try to share tidbits to create inspiration for more fun in the kitchen. Do more of what you enjoy and share that time or the results with your family and friends.

Efficiency and Fun in the Kitchen

As a foodie I love both efficiency and fun in the kitchen. I like learning tricks and tips to make things easier and I try to share them in each blog post and recipe post, as well as in my cooking classes. I don’t mind searching for specialty ingredients and using them in new recipes and will search through cookbooks and food blogs to solve a problem. I’m enthusiastic about food and I’m keen to help people with any challenge in the kitchen. For anyone on a special diet or living with food allergies there are plenty of challenges.

So whether you are quite competent in the kitchen, love cooking or find it a chore, let me know what your challenges are. What you want to learn and what problem you need to solve. How I can help?

Let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to keep providing helpful information in an inspiring way.

Happy Cooking!


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