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To help people understand more about the gluten free flour blends they buy and how to make the inevitable flour substitutions, I made this table with 11 Gluten Free Flour Recipes. I used to share a table with only the ingredients in several different flour blends but people kept asking for the exact recipes. I’ve finally done a thorough search of the web and I pulled together 11 recipes for different gluten free flour blends.

There’s no limit to the combinations of flours and starches people are using to bake with and there’s no right one. Sometimes you’re focused on getting a recipe to work, at other times you may be more adventurous to improve a recipe or try a different flour. This is the kind of information that can be helpful.

Gluten free baking is a journey. Simply start where you are and keep baking.

A table of 11 gluten free flour recipes to help learn how to substitute for the best results with baking.

Why 11 gluten free flour recipes? I simply started noticing there were flour recipes using two and three and four ingredients. As I compared them I learned more and kept coming back to look at the differences. People at my cooking classes say this table gives them the confidence to substitute when they have to or want to.

Learn From This Table of 11 Gluten Free Flour Recipes

Bake your favourite recipes over and over. As you bake you’ll become more confident and maybe more curious. Learning to be flexible will serve you well for all these reasons.

  • We all run out of ingredients so it’s going to happen.
  • It’s also possible (maybe even likely) that one day you’ll go shopping and not find the ingredient you want.
  • Over time your baking will change. You might try new flours for their nutritional profile or for how they are said to improve your baking. Sometimes you just want to use up a flour you weren’t crazy about or you’re living on the edge and you’re going to experiment.
  • If that wasn’t enough, people with celiac disease and their family members, can develop food allergies and intolerances at any time.

Learning to bake gluten free is overwhelming. Start with a few muffin recipes or the specific foods you want to master (cookies anyone). Just know you can make anything you want and if you keep trying you’ll get there.

Organize For Success

The recipe is the easy part, I randomly chose 11 of them.

The hard part is the system, you need a good system. A really good system.

Don’t wait years to get organized like I did, do it now. Whether you’re new to gluten free baking or experienced (yet still a little frustrated), your system (or lack of one) makes all the difference. It’ll save you so much time you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

I do most of my baking with this 4-ingredient blend that I now call my EGFG gluten free flour blend. If I have a clean counter I can pull out that bucket and make my flour blend in less than five minutes. If you’re ready to reorganize read how I did it in this post, EGFG Gluten Free Flour Blend, or watch my YouTube video and see how I do it.

How To Make and Store a Gluten Free Flour Blend

Get The Tools

These are the tools I have to keep my flour organized and be able to quickly make any mix. I’ve got another, less organized bucket, with other flours too but this system works great for me. If I’m trying a different flour mix my other flours aren’t far away.

  • Clear container that easily holds all the things and fits in a convenient location.
  • Kitchen Scale for accurate measuring.
  • Small plastic bowls of identical weight so they’re interchangeable.
  • Clear canisters with wide tops for ease of spooning out flour.
  • Mesh strainer to get the lumps out of potato starch.
  • Whisks, essential for thoroughly mixing gluten free flours.
  • Large GF Flour Mix Container big enough but not too big it can’t fit on the shelf. Mine comfortably holds my recipe that makes 8-cups.
  • Smaller wide mouth Jam Jar with Plastic Lids for the leftover flour mix when I’m ready to make a new batch.

Thanks to Gluten Free Food Bloggers Everywhere

When I started to create this table I intended to give credit to the people sharing these recipes. The more I searched the more I found many bloggers using the same recipes. Since they’re all shared openly on blogs I am offering this collection to home cooks around the world from gluten free food bloggers everywhere.

Let me know in the comments below how this table with 11 gluten free flour recipes helped you.

Happy gluten free baking!

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