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There’s no end to ideas for gifts for a gluten free kitchen any time of year. Living with celiac disease is hard and a new diagnosis is often overwhelming. It affects the way you live, cook and eat so involves the whole family and even extended family. In this post I’m sharing my gift ideas so feel free to share it with all your family. (hint hint)

A gluten free lifestyle requires some level of culinary skill. Not like you see on TV, just the ability to cook the foods you love. A little curiosity and an open mind is all that’s needed.

I’ve divided my ideas into five categories but there’s lots of cross over so read the section for Celiac Kids too since we’re all a kid at heart!

  1. Organization and Cross Contamination
  2. Kitchen Basics & Gadgets
  3. Big Tools
  4. Gluten Free Bakers
  5. Gifts for Celiac Kids
Gifts for Gluten Free Kitchen

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YouTube – Gifts for a Gluten Free Kitchen

I post a new video every week and this one is kitchen gift ideas.

Organization and Cross Contamination

One of my sayings is organize for success because organization is what makes difficult jobs easy and simple tasks quick. Cross contamination is the biggest challenge yet the most important consideration in every kitchen.

  • All sorts of containers, trays and Mason jars help organize items by task in a gluten free kitchen.
  • If you’re buying for a lover of Mason Jars check out this post, Organize for Success with Mason Jars, and see my easy two-lid system for organizing!
  • Canisters and containers are needed for different gluten free flours and other ingredients as people learn to cook new foods. Look for colour themes and fun patterns with easy open lids or handles.
  • A Dymo label maker is perfect for people who like things orderly or sticky labels from a Dollar Store and a felt marker. Check out this post, Organize For Success with Labeling, for tips specific to a gluten free kitchen.
Make it personal:Include a redeemable card to spend an afternoon together organizing an area in the kitchen. Pop in a favourite beverage to be enjoyed with the task.
Add tea towels or an apron with a funky pattern or the perfect saying. I’ve got tea towels from around the world and more than one with a saying about wine.

Kitchen Basics and Gadgets

This list could go on forever so remember who you’re giving to and what they like to do in the kitchen. Maybe you can embark on a new culinary adventure together.

Kitchen Gadgets

Best Kitchen Gadgets for gluten free kitchen

Make it personal:Families all have inside jokes so tie that into your gift and create a theme. Whether you have a fruit tree in your backyard or an annual ritual making salsa, every cook needs gadgets.
If your person aspires to improve their culinary skills think of the items you see on TV like a kitchen blow torch or fancy Microplane graters.

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Christmas gifts for gluten free kitchen

Big Tools

Make it personal:The old pancake griddle is not safe for a gluten free diet. Instead of making separate pancakes in a pan start a new tradition for the whole family with waffles.
You can buy gluten free ice cream but when making it is part of the fun that becomes a lifestyle. Teach your kids to think like that and they’ll always have a built in reward for their efforts.

Gluten Free Bakers

There’s no end to the baking supplies you can buy for the gluten free kitchen. An open mind is the only essential ingredient for gluten free baking.

  • Muffins are the easiest thing to make gluten free but old pans typically have gluten baked right into them. Start with a good quality muffin tin for everyday muffins and cupcakes.
  • For cake lovers give a Cupcake display stand or a Cupcake Taker to transport and display them.
  • Chose from a variety of piping bags for icing, disposable or reusable, and nib sets for decorating. Check out this post, How To Make Royal Icing, for more gift giving ideas.
  • There are baking pans in every size imaginable. Bundt pans have a specific look, springform pans and tart pans both have a removable bottom and they also come in individual sizes.
  • A simple 8 or 9-inch square baking pan is enough for making dozens of items from Chewy Granola Bars to my Sushi Pizza.

Cookie Lovers

  • That old wooden rolling pin, even if you only used it once a year, will surely have wheat embedded into it. Start with a new rolling pin and include related items for pie aficionados or cookie monsters.
  • There’s no end to unique cookie cutters and themed sets. I also love sets of mini cookie cutters to maximize the number of cookies I can cut when I roll out the dough. Plus everyone loves my gingerbread men with a heart cut out of the middle!
Make it personal:Add some unique shaped cookie cutters that say something about the person you’re giving them to.
Create a love theme with a heart shaped baking pan and a set of heart shaped cookie cutters.

Gifts for Celiac Kids

  • Colourful sets of dishes and all types of to-go containers help everyone easily identify dishes that are designated gluten free. Wrap every container and lid separately, fill a gift box or useful container with them and finish it off with Christmas candy you know this person loves.
  • Chocolate Fondue Pot or a Cheese Fondue Pot because everyone likes dipping. Living gluten free usual means you won’t eat anything that involves dipping unless you’re at home and you made it. Fondue is the only time double dipping is allowed!
  • Kids love using portion scoops for ice cream, cookies, muffins, meatballs and more so buy a set of three. They make so many jobs easy they are a must in every kitchen.
Make it personal:For the chocolate theme add a pound of chocolate, for ice cream add sundae dishes and all the toppings you can think of.
Gluten free kids often take on the task of making their own birthday cake. Include colourful paper liners, tools for icing, candy sprinkles and candles to personalize your gift.

Did this get your creative juices flowing? I’d love to see or hear about the gifts you created. Whether your gift wrapping style is duct tape all the way or a stunning gift with beautiful ribbons and bows, I hope your gift makes someone happy to be on your Christmas list this year.

Happy Holiday and wishes for a New Year filled with thoughtful giving.

More Gift Ideas

This post, Best Kitchen Gadgets From My Kitchen will have repetition but give you more ideas to make thoughtful gifts for a gluten free kitchen all year round.

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