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Whether you know it or not you have a gluten free Asian pantry. It may only contain gluten free soy sauce and that’s how it all starts. You create a system to purchase and replace the necessary staples you want to have on hand for everyday cooking.

Whether it’s an app on your phone or a notepad in your kitchen you need a simple system that makes sense and works for you.

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Photo of typical ingredients used in Chinese cooking, the start of your Asian Pantry. And a pic of Chinese Onion Bread.

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Guidelines For Stocking A Gluten Free Pantry

  • Know what you have in your fridge, freezer and cupboards.
  • Store these items in a way that works for your style of cooking and frequency of use.
  • Restock items before you run out.

A well-stocked pantry is the key to cooking a variety of delicious homemade meals day after day. Just a few minutes of planning will pay off every time you cook and shop. Whether you are whipping up a quick dinner or planning something more adventurous a well-stocked pantry makes life in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Throughout this website I have written about many gluten free Asian ingredients and posted recipes for sauces I make, the ones I can’t find at the store. Now it’s time to put that information together in a more useful format, a simple list of ingredients for an Asian pantry.

I provided a link to the actual product I use where possible. After  that I’ve put links to my recipes to show you how I use each ingredient. And as always, when you follow a link to a recipe there is a description that often contains helpful information about the specific ingredient.

And yet this is just a beginning. Asia is a big continent with a lot of countries and each cuisine is created by the unique combination of ingredients and the techniques in which they use them. I have four lists grouping the ingredients as:

  • Basic Chinese
  • Thai and Vietnamese
  • Japanese
  • Indonesian

To help you use the lists below remember:
Product link on the LEFT – recipe links on the RIGHT

Basic Chinese Ingredients

Thai and Vietnamese Ingredients

Gluten Free Asian Pantry for Thai and Vietnamese cuisines

Japanese Ingredients

Indonesian Ingredients

Whether it is the first time you’ve thought about your Asian pantry or you have some basics and want to expand, I hope you found this helpful.

Let me know in the comments below what you keep in your Asian pantry or if you have a clever way of ensuring your pantry is well stocked.

A Well-Stocked Gluten Free Asian Pantry

Stock your pantry with gluten free items to make amazing dishes from around the world!

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