Uncooked Dainties with colourful Easter Egg m&m candies on top.


Uncooked Dainties are an easy no-bake recipe that anyone can make. Made with safe gluten free oats they’re quick to make and will satisfy any chocolate craving.

If you’re new to gluten free this is one of the first cookies you should make! Please share that with anyone who needs it.

What Goes in Uncooked Dainties

If you keep oats, coconut and cocoa in your panty you can make these anytime. Growing up on a farm in Manitoba all of us kids learned to make these. My son learned to make them when he was young too.

They’re great to send in school lunches and can be made late at night when you suddenly need a treat to take to a party or send to school.

Measuring cups and spoons with all the ingredients to make Uncooked Dainties.
Ingredients to make Uncooked Dainties

The Best Gluten Free Oats for Cookies

I like the texture of whole oats for all uses; plain microwave or stovetop oatmeal, Overnight Oats, Homemade Granola and Granola Bars, Chocolate Coconut Oat Bars, Coconut Date Energy Balls, the topping for Fruit Crisp and my Rhubarb Streusel Muffins. Whole oats are also perfect in cookies like these Uncooked Dainties and my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Using one type of oats makes stocking my pantry less complicated.

I’m not crazy about the texture of steel cut oats and I don’t need the more processed instant oats. (Cooking whole oats in the microwave only takes 30 seconds longer than cooking quick oats.)

The final bonus, if I ever need oat flour I can just whiz up some whole oats in my food processor and make some. I don’t want to make my own flour but it’s an option and it isn’t possible with other grains or seeds like quinoa or flax.

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Uncooked Dainties plain and some decorated with Easter eggs.

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Aren’t All Oats Gluten Free?

When you’re new to gluten free it’s fair to say oats are complicated. They come in contact with wheat and other grains during harvesting, processing and manufacturing therefore are not considered safe for anyone eating a gluten free diet.

Safe, gluten free oats are available and that’s what you need to buy. Oats can definitely be a part of a healthy gluten free diet so look for certified gluten free oats.

To learn more about oats check out this post, Gluten Free Whole Oats vs Quick Oats. The Purity Protocol used by some manufacturers ensures no contact with wheat during the entire harvesting, processing and manufacturing steps.

No-Bake Treats

No-bake recipes are the best recipes for young kids. They’re fascinated with measuring and mixing and as they get older they’re curious about the magic that happens on the stove. Nurture this natural curiosity and you’ll be rewarded with cookies.

Gluten free kids need to have fun in the kitchen more than anyone else since they have so many disappointments around food. Help them create a fun atmosphere in the kitchen and over time their skills will evolve. I guarantee that one day they’ll want to cook ‘real food’.

Basic Kitchen Tools for Cookies

Drop cookies are simple just needing two spoons and a baking sheet. You scoop a spoonful of the mixture out of the pot and use the second spoon to drop it onto the waxed paper lined sheet. A big spoon makes big cookies and a small spoon makes smaller cookies.

My youngest brother couldn’t be bothered with all this effort so he just packed the hot mixture into a few small pie plates. I couldn’t do it, I wanted mine to look just like the way my mom made them.

Metal portion scoops get the job done quickly and give your cookie a more rounded shape. I don’t use them for these cookies but I definitely recommend you buy a set of scoops. They are efficient for making everything from meatballs to muffins and they make uniform sized cookies. You’ll never regret that purchase!

I never thought of decorating these cookies for any holiday but some gluten free kids taught me it could be a lot of fun! Let me know in the comments below if you made these cookies.

Originally published in 2015, updated in 2022.

More Help with Gluten Free Cookies

Uncooked Dainties

These are an easy no-bake cookie you can make fast. Keep gluten free oats and cocoa in your pantry and make them anytime.
Author: Cinde Little
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Dropping cookies: 10 minutes
Course: Cookies & Bars
Cuisine: Canadian
Keyword: Uncooked Dainties
Servings: 32 cookies


  • 2 cups sugar
  • ½ cup butter
  • ½ cup milk
  • ½ cup cocoa
  • 1 cup coconut
  • 3 cups whole oats (certified gluten free)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • pinch of salt


  • Line a baking sheet or tray with waxed paper.


  • Combine coconut, oatmeal and salt together and set aside.


  • In a large saucepan heat sugar, butter, milk and cocoa. Bring to a boil and let boil exactly 5 minutes.*
  • Remove from the heat and add dry ingredients and vanilla. Working quickly, stir until combined.
  • Using 2 spoons, fill one with the cookie mixture and use the other to push it off the spoon onto a baking sheet. (Use 2 soup spoons for larger cookies and 2 regular spoons for smaller cookies)
  • OPTIONAL - Immediately top cookies with candy or sprinkles so they harden right onto the cookie.
  • Allow to cool and harden before eating. Put them in the fridge to harden if you're in a hurry to eat them.


*If the mixture is overcooked on the stove they will quickly harden but will definitely be edible. You can spread the mixture into a pan, let it harden completely and break into pieces. If you do this come back and tell me what you called it.
DECORATIONS - These cookies don't need any embellishments but kids love to decorate. Here are some ideas:
  • Valentine's Day - heart candy sprinkles or cinnamon hearts
  • St. Patrick's Day - green candy sprinkles or tiny shamrocks
  • Easter - Candy Coated Chocolate Easter Eggs
  • Canada Day - red and white candy sprinkles
  • Halloween - Candy Corn
  • Christmas - red and green candy sprinkles
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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