This Holiday Appetizer Round Up is a collection of my favourite appetizers for the festive season. Back in the day people talked about was how to use up leftovers. That was never my problem. I wanted to know how to save recipes! Seriously, save them so I could find them when I needed them.

Especially the recipes I only make once a year.

I solved that problem with my website and I’m happy to share them with you. You can always hop over to the RECIPES TAB, click on any CATEGORY and scroll through the images.

Year after year I add new and old favourites in every category and keep growing my collection. If there’s one thing I know for sure I’ll never run out of recipes!

Go Big or Go Home!

My best tip for a memorable holiday appetizer is to Go Big!

Look through all the dishes in the back and bottom of your cupboards, that tray on the bottom that you don’t even see because that’s where it lives. It never moves.

Bring it out!

Stemware that’s so dusty it needs to be washed, your grandmother’s 25th Anniversary silver serving set or the 24 shot glasses you can’t reach on the top shelf. Maybe you have a giant martini glass you bought after seeing a photo on Pinterest but forgot to use it.

Whatever it is, pull it out and get ready for the best holiday appetizers ever!

Dips and Martini Glasses

An oversized martini glass looks beautiful filled with almost anything but for me my Pomegranate Pear Guacamole has the most spectacular presentation. It’s a must-make recipe for me and my most frequently requested for a holiday potluck.

For an almost instant appetizer try layering three store bought dips in the same glass. (Tip – Roasted Red Pepper dip and Guacamole would be red and green!) You can also make a beautiful presentation with individual martini glasses.

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Shot Glasses

Individual servings are always appreciated by anyone on a gluten free diet. Any soup can be served in a shot glass turning a regular recipe into an impressive appetizer for a crowd. Same with veggies and dip. You can buy a veggie tray but please please, spend a few minutes and make it special.

Little Bites

Even the most simple foods like fried potatoes and mini pancakes can make it to the list of impressive Holiday Appetizers if you present them like you love them!

Add Spanish Tapas to Your Holiday Appetizer Round Up

Little morsels on a toothpick are perfect for stand up entertaining. If you love pickles try the banderillas and if you love bacon you’ve got to try these bacon-wrapped dates. The rice salad tapa can be served on a spoon and even though it sounds simple, the homemade mayo brings rave reviews every time!

Big Beautiful Trays

I can’t resist the red and green theme during the holidays but I can’t count how many times I’ve shared the recipe for my 4-ingredient Smoked Salmon Pate. Always standing right over top of it on a buffet table.

Create Your Own Holiday Appetizer Round Up

The holidays sneak up on us, most of us. Don’t feel like you missed the boat again. Save a few favourites in some small way; a note on your phone, an envelope in a drawer or a list on a board somewhere (like those Pinterest people do).

Promise yourself you’ll make one new thing. Something spectacular!

There will always be an unlimited choice of amazing dishes that can be taken to a holiday party. Remember, keep it simple and go for spectacular!

Holiday Appetizer Round Up - my annual favourites.
Cinde’s Holiday Appetizer Round Up

Get The Tools – Holiday Appetizers with Pizzaz

Don’t feel left out thinking everyone else has all the fancy serving dishes. You too can purchase whatever you like and use it once a year. That’s what makes special occasions special!

Follow me on social media to see my Holiday Guacamole and more! I can’t wait to see what holiday appetizers you’re making.

Originally posted December 2017, updated November 2021.

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