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Gluten Free Mother’s Day Recipes is a round up of dishes I think any mom would appreciate. Pick something that challenges your culinary skills or inspires you to be creative and make a family favourite extra special, just for mom.

I will let the pictures inspire you but if you want more I recommend you get on a laptop or tablet, go to the RECIPES tab and scroll. Browse by category if you like. Food photos have inspired me since I first learned to cook and we work hard to create ‘picture day’ images that make you want to get in the kitchen. I don’t try that hard with my everyday meals but whenever I have a few minutes I love to go for the presentation.

Grilled salmon on top of a fan of asparagus spears covered in a creamy sauce and topped with a purple pansy.

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Breakfast Ideas for Mother’s Day

Some mom’s are up early and want a healthy breakfast like Chia Pudding or Overnight Oats. Or maybe it just has to be pancakes! Stacked high or rolled up as Pigs-in-a-Blanket both pancakes and waffles can be fun. When my son was little we made Wafflescrapers by cutting our waffles like skyscrapers and lining them along the bottom of the plate!

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Gluten Free Baking For Slow Mornings

In my world morning food includes baking like muffins, cornbread and cinnamon rolls. If that’s a treat for your mom maybe that’s the perfect thing to try. If you’re making muffins check out this Gluten Free Muffin Recipe Round Up to see my short list of go-to muffins and how I vary them to match the season.

Gluten Free Brunch Recipes for Mother’s Day

If you knew how easy it was to make blender hollandaise sauce you’d do it more often (assuming you love butter). I put it on my Breakfast Power Bowl and prefer a cheese sauce for Eggs Florentine rather than the classic Eggs Benedict. On Mother’s Day, make it the way mom likes it. You can make Quiche or Egg Muffins too!

No Eggs Please!

No eggs, no problem. Breakfast hash, savoury crepes, latkes and blinis are all delicious!

Dinner for Mother’s Day

Moms’ need to eat dinner too. Whatever you’re making this is the day to make it look spectacular and this simple ask inspires creativity in everyone. Whether you’re still in charcuterie board mode or you’ve moved on to grilling this is the day to do it! If you’re the mom who’s cooking (it happens), encourage your children to ‘make it look fancy’ and watch them have fun! Everything is a win.

For A Sweet Tooth Anytime of Day

My mom would ask for cake any day of the week so if it’s dessert you want to make for Mother’s Day here are a few ideas from simple to challenging. The Orange Cupcakes are dairy free too!

When we’re talking recipes there is no end to this conversation for me. So I’ll stop here with 24 gluten free Mother’s Day recipes. I don’t know what I’m making yet but when I’d love to hear about your traditions in the comments below or what you’re cooking.

Get The Tools for Mom

Every kitchen needs a few nice serving pieces for special occasions. If you want to surprise your mom with the perfect gift (or ask for it and act like it’s a surprise), here are a few ideas to take your presentation up a notch. I always say, everything look nicer on a pedestal tray!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s reading, living gluten free or supporting family members who are gluten free. Keep up the good work and let me know in the comments about your Mother’s Day traditions, old or new.

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