Everyone needs great gluten free grilling recipes for summer so be sure to save your favourites. Over time you’ll have a collection of recipes you look forward to making each summer and won’t need to keep wondering what to cook.

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Starters on the Grill

It’s time to add tequila to some grilled shrimp for a martini appetizer or grill lettuce for the first time. You really can cook anything on the barbecue and if someone asks why, COVID seems to be the best answer these days.

Lighter Fare

For people with food restrictions many popular take out items are off limits like a Vietnamese Sub. I made one with my Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken recipe and even wrapped it in waxed paper with an elastic band for the full experience.

Vegetables on the Grill

We all need to eat more vegetables so try grilling any vegetable you can think of. Skewer them, stack them, cut them up and put them on salads or pasta. Get yourself a few favourite marinades and repeat year after year. I make a full recipe of marinade or even double it so I have some in the fridge that’s ready to use any time.

Gluten Free Grilling Recipes with Meat

When I read on Facebook that people are bored of eating a gluten free diet I just shake my head, I can’t even reply to those comments. With beef, pork, bison or lamb to choose from there’s enough variety to make something different for dinner every day of the year. Keep trying new recipes and add the winners to your list to be repeated.

Chicken On The Grill

Some recipes I cook on the grill in summer and in the oven the rest of the year because I can’t wait a whole year to have chicken satay again!

Fish and Seafood on the Grill

My husband loves to grill whole fish because it reminds him of catching and cooking fish when he was a kid. I often refer to fish as natures fast food so the recipes are usually pretty simple.

Grilling Recipes for Dessert

Try grilling fresh fruit just for fun and see what you think because it always looks beautiful.

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29 Great Gluten Free Grilling Recipes

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Get The Tools

Reusable grilling sheets for the barbecue are a lifesaver for people worried about cross contamination. They can be cut to size and washed, and now there are grilling bags too.

Grilled Vegetables on a Reusable Grilling Sheet
Reusable Grilling Sheet

I’d love to hear me about your grilling in the comments below.

  • What do you like to grill that’s not so everyday?
  • How do you deal with cross contamination on the grill?
  • Are you bored with your gluten free diet?

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